Thursday, March 26, 2009

A little time to catch up...

Ahhh, what's better than the weather in Colorado?!?
Sunday we spent all day outside in the nice 75 degree weather and today, Thursday, we are sitting inside watching as the drifts of snow enclose our doors! Its truly amazing! I love it! If the wind wasn't here I'd take the kids out sledding. But that wind is nasty right now. I couldn't tell if it was still snowing or if the wind was just blowing the snow around.
Anyway, the kids are napping and I actually have some time to update our blog! How long has it been? Months? Yikes!!
Lets see here...
We had Drake evaluated for his lack of speech and realized that as soon as we scheduled the appointment (it took 3 weeks!) we noticed that he his vocabulary was sprouting. We took him in initially because we thought he just didn't show any interest in talking.
Oh, sorry, here is a little cute thing I just saw outside...a neighbor riding around on his snowmobile! How fun!!
Back to my story, sorry! Their doc didn't see any real concerns for it, but I pushed for it. Turns out the booger is just fine. Passed with normal to high flying colors for most of the testings. He was close to not until the very end when no one was paying any attention to him, he finally spoke a few words that were able to give him the passing grade! He's just an odd child, hmm, he resembles his mom the most! :) I'm ok with that though! So he is still continuing with his new vocab and loving it. He tries to say just about everything we say. Of course he's still my shy guy and is VERY quiet around other people. It takes him the longest to warm up. He loves his books and reading. I have a spot in their room where I sit and read to them before nap and bed and if he gets out of his bed before the others are awake, I'll catch him reading a book in my spot. It's absolutely adorable!
On to Dane: My sweet blue eyed boy. He's a wreckless typical boy! When I look into his eyes, I just never know what is gonna happen next. He just has that mysterious look to him. He loves his Daddy and his Papa. Well all 3 love their Papa, but Dane runs right up to him and gives him big hugs every time. He loves reading too. Its pretty hard though when all 3 are trying to point to something in the book and they get a little carried away at times. If he is awake with Drake, I'll find the 2 of them sitting in my spot. Or sometimes if they're all up, they're in Ava's crib (which happens to be on the opposite side of the room!). The boys love getting out of bed. Daddy has had a few hard times with them the last 2 weeks. But who could get mad when you go in their room and you hear this sweet little voice say "hello". Dane is a talker. Most of the time its understandable, but there are a few things that just do not sound like what we are saying. I love them trying to learn though. Its too cute!
Princess Ava! She's still a Momma's girl. She is now starting to try and get out of being in trouble by giving hugs! If she gets scoulded, she immediately asks for a hug. And then a kiss. Makes punishing tough! At times I think she really tries to egg her brothers on. She'll run up and steal a toy from them and have them chase her around the house. And of course she's yelling at the top of her lungs while the boys are screaming "NO!" She has the most words out of all of them and she says them the best. She is Mommy's princess! Though she isn't spoiled by me.
We're learning our ABC's and counting to 10. They just repeat what I say. Ava and Drake count from 1-2-1. And its quite strange how they know how many 2 is. We'll be walking/driving and see 2 dogs, cows, horses, etc and they'll say "2 puppies" or "2 cows". Amazing to me.
The boys have been escaping their beds for about 2 months now. Ava has zero interest. She'll call out for us until we come rescue her. But the good thing with the boys, they won't do it for me until naptime/bedtime is over. Plus we can hear any movement thru the monitor. Daddy is the only one that seems to have a hard time with them. Not sure why that is. I would love to move them to toddler beds, but I love nap time! Who knows, maybe when my work schedule starts slowing down, we'll go ahead with it.
I think this is long enough for now! :)
Sorry to all if you have stuck with me!

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