Saturday, December 16, 2006

Nov 30, 2006

Today, wow, what a day! So, I've had this terrible headache now for oh, maybe 4 days. Never thought anything of it. I had a doctors appointment yesterday, but it snowed like crazy and I didn't feel like it was a good idea for me to drive. So I rescheduled for today.
On my way down to the hospital, I noticed that my eyesite was beginning to get blury. My headache was extremely bad now and not even Tylenol was helping. Once I made it to my doctors office, I felt worse. I thought, I probably should not have been driving.
I did all my normal tests, weight, protein check and blood pressure. My blood pressure seemed to be a little off. So they did a blood test and told me, go home and rest and start packing your bags. We may have you admitted tonight! WHAT? All I have is a terrible headache, I thought.
Ok, so I stopped at my work for a bowl of soup and then headed home. By this time, I wasn't feeling all that bad. They told me they would call within a couple of hours.
Well, after about a 4 hour nap, I still hadn't heard from the nurse. Chad was getting anxious, awaiting the phone call to tell him to come get me. So about 5 or so, I decided to call. A half hour later, I got a call from my doctor. She said I have the onset of preeclampsia and that we should get down to the hospital. And she mentioned, you won't be going home pregnant!!
When Chad finally made it home, I went into nesting mode. I had slept all day and I hadn't done anything to the house to get it cleaned. I was going crazy. I needed to vacuum, clean the bathrooms, the kitchen, do the laundry, etc. The things I wouldn't be doing for awhile. And oh my gosh, my dogs! What about the dogs! Needless to say, I wasn't able to get those things done, but Chad would come home and do a few things while I would be in the hospital.
So we made it to the hospital. We got settled into our room and they started hooking me up to all the heartrate monitors and the contraction monitor. I was having more contractions than I thought! Then our Dr. came in and said, lets do this tonight! WHAT? I told her that I had a slice of cheese and a cookie before we left. And she said why'd you do that? So we weren't able to have the babies tonight. Chad and I let out a huge sigh of relief. He said he needed a beer! Me too! I felt bad though, cause she was our Dr we wanted to deliver our babies. But she scheduled our c-section for noon on the following day.
They gave a sleeping pill and told me that I can't eat anything again after 10 or so. That was fine, I wasn't able to eat anyway, I was way too nervous. Dawn spent the night with me and Chad went home to do a few things around the house and to take care of the dogs. I know he didn't get much sleep that night! He was a nervous wreck. At least they gave me sleeping pill.