Thursday, May 29, 2008

18 month checkup

We had our 18 month well baby checkup today. And Mommy had to do it all by herself. Thank goodness for good babies!
I just love walking into Kaiser with the train in tow and have everyone turn to watch us walk in. I hear all the whispers and some people actually do pipe up and ask, but Mom was in a hurry this morning so we didn't catch eye contact with anyone! Is it just me or do you other MOM's sweat like crazy? Too much info? Sorry, maybe it's the stress of loading/unloading, walking a 1/2 mile because the truck is too big to park close or that I'm just sick? Who knows, I sweat!
Riding the elevator is always a work of art, as soon as the door closes (and hopefully no one boards with us) we have to manuever the train so we can get back out. As we approach the desk, everyone in the waiting area is just in awe and once again the whispers begin, the lady (whom we have come to know well) hands me 3 packets of info that I am supposed to fill out and give to the doctor. I'm still on the first page and the kids' names get called. Ok, hurry up and pack all the stuff and head into the exam room. All the while the kids are just being so wonderful! Like I said before, thank goodness for good babies!
Nurse comes in and checks each one of them while in the train and then I have to get them undressed for their weights. I'm a smart Mommy and put Ava in a cute skirt with a diaper cover and then a onsie underneath! Way to go Mom! But I'm a pro and it takes only seconds. And thank goodness they love to be naked! The boys were a piece of cake, shirt and shorts, done.
Dane: 20lbs 13oz (2%) 2'9" tall (66%) I believe he weighs more than that, he was being sqeamish on the scale
Drake: 22lbs 5oz (9%) 2'9" tall (73%) He had to get checked twice for height because he wouldn't sit still-I believe he is a little bit taller than Dane
Ava: 20lbs 15oz (8%) 2'7 1/2" tall (47%) There really is no way she is heavier than Dane, but Daddy seems to think its possible
After all that is finished, our doc comes in and checks everyone out. Every part of them is great until he looks at their ears. My sister and I even had bets on who would have an ear infection this time around! We both won! He started with Ava, who at this point could not sit still, and he couldn't even get a reading on his ear thing. Hers were the worst. Then Drake, and he pulled out a ton of wax, sorry TMI! Still no reading for him either. And last was reading! Hmmm, I asked is this why they aren't talking? Possibly he says! I feel so awful at this point, but my kids never really gave any signs! Only the runny noses! He put them on medication and said that if they don't get better after ALL the medicine is gone, we might be looking into doing tubes. I had them when I was younger, so I guess it all makes sense.
After all that is done, prescription sent, its shot time!! And I don't mean the shots of alcohol! We were supposed to get 4 each, but since we have to come back in 4 weeks for ear checkups, we'll do 2 now and 2 then. Sounds good to my little ones! They did so good. A bright orange and yellow bandaid on each leg and they were good to go. Only cried for a few minutes. Then they were back to being monkeys again!
Thank goodness for good babies!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Almost a year and a half

I'm blown away at how quickly time is flying by. I almost wish I still had my sweet little 4 & 5 pounders! Almost is the key word there. I loved every minute back then, but I am enjoying watching them grow and learn now.
Things have been a bit chaotic this last month. We're hopefully on the mend with our 2nd bout of the sickies. It's so tough too when the monkeys are sick and me! I am on my 2nd round of strep throat since the kids were born! Before them, I wasn't sick for years!! Tells you that these kid germs are AWFUL! We had our very first bout of the flu earlier this month, and I'll tell ya, that was the absolute worst experience of my life!! Although I'm quite sure it will be worse as they get older. No fun!!
We've been to the zoo a few times already. It's such a nice place to go where we get out of the house and Mommy can visit with friends and the kids can run around outside. We do go outside at our house, but it's so frustrating because we don't have a fence. So we're constantly running around corralling them. I understand what a border-collie does now! LOL We have such big plans for the yard, we just have to ask the HOA if it's alright we do it. Only bad thing about an HOA. But it's also a good thing!
We're finally starting to mumble some words. I always thought girls would learn quicker than boys, but Ava is not proving that to be correct. Drake (who has done most things first) is spouting out a few words...S&*t (yeah, he says it!), go, hot, kitty, Hi and he says woof, woof when asked what a puppy says. Dane says go, Hi, hot, kitty, and laughs hysterically when he sees a cat or dog. Ava sometimes says Hi and hot. All 3 will say Momma and Daddy too. They love cats and dogs and older kids just mesmerize them. It's so cute!
We're still on 2 naps, although we have managed a few days where we only have one and they do fine. Before they got sick again, we were taking them to church every Sunday. They do alright, but Drake did have a meltdown this last time. Bawled his eyes out when I left, broke my heart! But he then sat with a girl and almost fell asleep on her lap.
Life is great for us!
Although we are grieving for the loss of my nephew's Daddy. On Saturday night while riding his motorcycle (a little too fast) he hit another vehicle and was killed almost instantly. It just breaks my heart to think that my 7 year old nephew just didn't have enough time with him. I never thought I would be this shaken up, I mean I never really liked the guy, but he still gave me a precious nephew. Damien is taking it ok and he is understanding it, but I just can't get over the fact that his Daddy can't see him grow up. I just can't fathom it, I mean we all take for granted the things we have, but don't realize it until its gone! 7 years is just not enough time! At least he's got an amazing Guardian Angel watching over him!