Friday, July 18, 2008

Daddy's b-day party at Grandmas

Happy 34th Daddy! Happy 14th Steph!

I always get a kick out of telling people that we have 6 people in our house, to which we only have 3 birthdays! Dad and Steph are exactly 20 years apart! Kind of neat for Dad,

not always for Steph. Oh well, some day it will mean more to him.

So for their b-days we went to Grandma Kath's house, which if you remember was our old house. She has made it such a great home! I don't miss the small spaces, but with her stuff, it makes it look much bigger! And then I walked out in the backyard, I almost cried! It's a real yard and its fenced and the deck is huge and...I wanted the house back! Nah, but I really miss the space outside and being able to not have to worry about a street and no fence!

Ok, I'm done whining over that. We had a great time. My family came and we got to see a few old neighbors we haven't seen since we moved. We ate a lot, its almost a given when we have family bbq's. But its always a good time. The kids loved it! They especially loved their new cousin Noah. Each one got to hold him, Ava even kissed him! So cute! But that's as close as we'll get to another baby! LOL

I just realized I didn't get any pictures of the b-day boys...oops!

Our 4th of July

We had a great 4th of July. Daddy had to work for a little bit in the morning and then Mommy had to go to work in the evening, but the day was great.

We took the monkeys on a walk around our lake and let them play at the playground. They had such a great time. They really are a bunch of monkeys! Not a lot of kids were, which made it great.