Thursday, April 10, 2008


My older sister (she's preggo with 1 baby) called me yesterday asking about my symptoms of pre-eclampsia and it just brought back so many memories. Memories that I really hadn't thought about.
So I'm remembering...
I had such a wonderful pregnancy. Although the getting "fat" part was a bit tough to get used to. But it was like night and day for that. I went to bed feeling fat and woke up having a small bump! The thought of having three little hearts, 6 tiny hands/feet, and 3 little souls inside of me was the most amazing feeling ever. Ok, besides the day they were born. I was told I had a wonderful aura all around me. Life was so easy with being able to carry them everywhere I went. Now it takes me at least 45 minutes to get everyone ready! I was such a happy pregnant woman.
My sister asked me what my symptoms were and I really had to think about them. I remember getting a headache that lasted a week, right up until I had the kids. I told her I probably could have had the trio a week before, but I waited to go to the doctor until my next appointment. Which was only 3 days away. But they admitted me that night with pre-eclampsia. I even drove down to my appointment by myself, probably should not have as my eye sight was going due to the pre-eclampsia. Oh well, I made it home after I stopped at work and had a cup of soup.
Chad actually drove me down to the hospital with my bags.
We were definetely not ready for that! We really didn't have a plan set at all. Talk about scrambling. I wasn't supposed to have them yet!
But I thank you sister for allowing me to remember things that I had forgotten!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spoke too soon

What a week this has been! We can't really complain, considering the kids are 16 months and this is our first symptoms of the flu we've had!
Monday, while I was at work, all 3 decided they were going to throw up. And not to mention, Daddy was feeling almost as bad as they were! It's one thing when you've got 3 sick kids, but when you're sick too, that just throws you over the edge. So Daddy was up for most of the night cleaning up and making the kids feel better. Go Daddy!
Unfortunately it is now thursday and really nothing has changed. Tuesday night was the worst night. We each got up with one of the kids at least 10 times. What makes it worse is that they didn't throw up, but they were just dry heaving. Poor little things!
And it's so hard to figure out what to feed them. I know they can't handle food, but their little bodies need nutrition. Ugh! I just feel so bad for them. No one has thrown up today, but oh man their diapers are awful. I won't go into detail about it, but I do have a funny story.
So, Dane and I had a doctors appointment on wednesday and my mom came with me to help with the kiddos. They seemed like they were feeling alright, so we thought we could take them to lunch. To Chili's. It all went fine, the table could've been bigger, but oh well, until we were leaving. My mom goes to pick up Drake and realizes that she just stuck her hand in diahhrea. Yes, all over himself! It was a horrible experience. I took him to the bathroom only to realize that this would be a huge task. So we just put him in the car and made the poor little guy ride home in a dirty diaper. It's totally my fault, I shouldn't have taken them out. Needless to say, his carseat got washed immediately and he got himself a bath.
Oh and Stephen stayed home from school today with the same thing!
Ugh, I hope this virus goes away soon!!!