Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The sign is up...

The for sale sign that is. We have officially put our house on the market as of Saturday. I hope it sells quickly so we can move , but I don't because our house isn't built yet! They haven't even broken ground yet. I'm very excited to be moving to a larger home, but not looking forward to what moving entails. Especially with 3 young infants!
This is a short post, I've got to put Drake down for a nap. The other two went down pretty quickly.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

6 month check-up

Well, we have some great big babies on our hands. I was actually surprised though, they've kind of slowed a bit. Their doctor said they all look very healthy and they are on track developmentally. Everyone is rolling over, sitting up with assistance and grabbing for toys, objects and anything shiny mom has on! Dane is actually sitting for a brief minute or two by himself. Drake and Ava have found their feet and absolutely love them. Life is getting to be a bit more busy these days as the kids are requiring more attention. Also, Stephen being home, we're still getting used to that. It's very different when you have to make sure he gets fed, Chad and I would normally just eat whatever. With Stephen, we have to make sure there is something to eat. And a 12 (almost 13) year old boy requires a lot of food! Chads mom took him to get a cast today and great news for him, doc said he doesn't need one!!

So, the kids' weights:
Dane: 15lbs 8oz and 26 1/2 inches
Drake: 15lbs 1oz and 26 1/2 inches
Ava: 14lbs 2oz and 25 inches long

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Some funnies from other multiple moms!

*You've ever said to your husband/wife while walking in the mall with your kids, "Just don't make eye contact and keep walking"*The subject of college funds makes you instinctively laugh (and throw up a little bit in your mouth)
*You occasionally lose track of how many scoops you've poured into a bottle
*At one point you've had a bottle in every room of your house
*You've taken approximately 2200 photos in the first 6 months of your babies lives
*Babies are rearranged to dodge drool pools rather change the crib sheet
*Your family blog is over taken with baby photos and stories
*The strollers in your garage occupy the space of an entire car
*You have to make an appointment just to take a shower
*When there is not one room in your house that hasn't been overtaken with baby stuff (three swings, three bouncy seats, three cribs, pack n plays, three bumbos, three exersaucers, three activity mats, ect.)
*You still aren't satisfied with your rehearsed answer about fertility drugs
*You have stock in rechargable batteries and three sets are ALWAYS being charged
*You have a costco/sams membership but no time to actually go
*You color code your babies
*An entire shelf in your pantry has been taken over by cans of formula, jars of baby food, ect.\
*Your means of conception and/or fertility methods are now public information

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The weekend is finally over!

I wouldn't say this was the worst weekend we've had, but it's ranked pretty high. I've never felt such frustration with my kids.
It began Friday, the 1st, their 6 month b-day! Everything seemed all right in the morning. Everyone had gone down for their first nap relatively okay. Shortly after they woke up, I took them to my other triplet friends house. We were having a play date. When I arrived it was feeding time. Drake and Ava did great, although I had put them in Lindsay's space-saver high chairs that they were not used to. Dane sat in his seat and fussed the entire time. He maybe ate 2 1/2 oz and that was pretty much forced. I thought maybe he was just tired, so I put him back in his car seat and he fell right asleep. That night, he fussed way more than usual. And with him, is he cries, we know something is wrong. And it wasn't his normal cry, so I knew something was definitely wrong. I took his temperature and sure enough his temp wasn't normal. So we gave him Tylenol and he slept until morning.
Again, Saturday morning he seemed fine. It wasn't until later that afternoon that Chad took his temp again. This time much it was 101.5. So again he got Tylenol. And he seemed to sleep OK that night. It was Drake that got us that night. The second I got home from work, I heard this terrifying scream from the nursery. Sprinting up the stairs I met Chad at the top. He didn't have any idea what was happening. I grabbed Drake and saw that his faced was covered in his spit up. He was gagging and gasping for air. It took a good half hour just for him to calm down long enough to catch his breath. I feared the worst. And he didn't sleep at all, which means neither did Mom and Dad. It was miserable.
Sunday, at the morning feeding, I noticed Dane's ear was really filled with stuff and his temp was still high. So I took him to Children's. They told me that I was right and he had an ear infection. They told me that it had already ruptured as to why his ear was filled with white crust instead of the normal yellow/orange. They gave us antibiotics and some ear drops and told me to keep using the Tylenol to help with the pain.
Everything was fine after that, he was still a little fussy, but at least the Tylenol helped him sleep. We had a BBQ for Stephen's "homecoming". What a great turnout. We had A LOT of people in our little house. I can't wait to sell our house and move! That's a whole other post!
Monday morning, after a very stressful night of crying boys, I had to leave. I was helping out with our golf tournament for Sam. Chad called me after the kids' morning bottle and said Drake was acting like Dane was the other day. Great, I didn't know ear infections could be contagious! They aren't but an infection is an infection and they are contagious. Meanwhile, Chad had to take Stephen in to the doctors for his broken hand. What a family! Later that day, Chad took Drake in to see what was the problem was. They told him that it looks like since he has a runny nose that he could have an ear infection, but it looked as though it hadn't ruptured yet. So all this time, both the boys were just in misery with their ears! We felt awful! Ava also has a runny nose and we're praying that she doesn't get an ear infection.
So, needless to say, the weekend's over!! Today has been okay, the naps are short, but I'm hoping things will get back to normal by tomorrow.