Wednesday, November 19, 2008

2 weeks and counting...

Its a little less than 2 weeks before the monkeys turn 2, but my oh my are they hittin the terrible twos!
Its just amazing to see such sweet little babies grow and mature (ok, trying to at least) into these creatures who look like little adults. They're turning into demons!
If they're not fighting, chasing, hitting, telling eachother "NO!", they're asleep! Most days are better than others, don't get me wrong, we have had more wonderful days than bad, but the bad always seem to stick it out like sore thumbs. I've lost my cool one too many times, which all I get are these sweet, innocent eyes looking up at me, or maybe the grin as they continue on in their demonic ways. I hate losing my cool, its not fair to them and it definetely sucks for me. They don't understand why mommy is so angry. So, I've started reading into Love & Logic. It makes SO much sense! It's very hard to get used to, with all the calm talking and "uh-oh's" instead of the screaming NO'S, but it'll be well worth it in the end. Now all I have to do is get Daddy on the same page as Mommy! Maybe it'll even work for our occasional fights! :) One thing I wish is that we would have read it MUCH earlier, it would've done wonders with Stephen. I trully believe it would have. But that's nor here nor there. A little too late.

I can't believe how far they've come with their speaking. Oh, they're definetely not talking, but at least they try to say words or repeat what I say. Ava and Dane moreso than Drake. He's always off in his little world not really caring what we do.
Dane is the alpha male. No one does anything without his permission, which he doesn't understand how to give permission, so no one does anything! If the other 2 have a toy, he'll come take it regardless of whether or not he wanted it. They had it and they made it look fun, and he wants to have fun too. Lately, they've been putting up a fight or a chase. That stops when Mommy intervenes and tells Dane to be nice and steers him in a different direction. One of these days it'll work! And believe it or not, Dane is the smallest in the group. But he's the strongest! He was the first born, born in his own minute. He is definetely taking on the role of the "oldest" child. Dane can say most animal sounds (moo, meow, woof-woof, baa), melmo (Elmo), Bye, hi.

Drake, my introvert. My sweet little man who is just so needy at times, but yet so independent. He gets into these weird, crazy moods where he runs around and makes these very odd noises. But he loves it and he giggles to himself. Ava has really taken a liking to dominating him. She will chase him down, throw him down, really anything for no particular reason too. Maybe just to hear him cry, I don't know. He and Ava share the same minute at birth. Although she picks on him, I think Drake and Ava will be the closest. Drake is also taking on the role of being the "middle" child. He doesn't say much, although I know he knows the word. He does the same animal sounds as Dane.

Ava, Mommy's little girl! I'm still waiting for the day when she becomes Daddy's girl like everyone has told me. But she has always been closest to me. She loves her Daddy, but if I'm home, she is sitting with me. She loves to sit on my lap. She has to hold my hand going down the stairs, although she is perfectly capable of going down on her own. She is the princess! No doubt about it. Most people think that she is younger than the boys on first glance, but I don't know how. Once the smallest, she's now the biggest! By that I mean the heaviest! She's still about an inch shorter than Dane, almost 2 inches shorter than Drake. We rub her buddha belly when she lifts her shirts, I hear it brings good luck!! :) I would say she is also taking the role as the "baby" of the group. But she remains the smartest. I hear her try to repeat everything I say. So cute.
Unfortunately I believe that because of all of their ear problems, it may be a reason for lack of speech. But we'll see what the doc says in a few weeks at their checkup.
I must shower and get ready for work before naptime gets over...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

In front of our house, ready for "trick or treating"

Boo at the Zoo

I love the seasons changing and how beautiful it is, but what it brings is another story. My poor little monkeys are sick. And when they get sick, its inevitable that they'll get ear infections. Oh and not just in one ear, its usually both. Yep, so as Mommy and Daddy dragged them around on Halloween, with runny noses and all, their ears were hurting. Don't get me wrong, they LOVED it. Once they finally understood that if they held out their little bags, and went up to someones door, they would get something dropped into their bags. I don't think they grasped the whole idea or that it was candy being dropped in it, but they sure thought it was fun.
We started off around our neighborhood, which was nice, we recieved at least 3 babysitting offers!

Feeding the geese our snacks at the zoo

I took them to the doctor yesterday not expecting to be there for 3 hours!! It was a nightmare! Never again will I take them without their wagon. They were tired, hungry and sick. They were being good, but they were running around everywhere. I just felt like all eyes were on me and I hate it when you can feel yourself being judged by other people. I'm so not the type of person to ask for help, but yesterday was one of those days where I really needed it! And I think this one woman could read it on my face. I was moments away from breaking down (I eventually did) when she asked me if she could help. She didn't really ask, because she did it anyway! I was so relieved and I think she knew I was on the verge of breaking down. I felt absolutely horrible. I cried the entire way home!
Pumpkin carving

I learned my lesson and I'll never try that again! The monkeys are napping, so I'll try to upload some pictures from Halloween and this past week!

Below-At our church's party-Daddy was a doctor, Mommy was a nurse