Saturday, December 20, 2008

Random pictures

Birthday cupcakes
Dane loved the frosting.

Drake shoved the whole cupcake in his mouth!

My handsome little men!

Ava and her first haircut!

Dane, love the look!



Thanksgiving at my parents

Friday, December 19, 2008

2 weeks ago...

Ha, its been a month since I last posted. But little do you all know, I did post and lost the whole darn thing!! GRRRR! It was a good one, but of course I don't remember all that it said.
The monkeys had a wonderful birthday. On their actual birthday we took them to McDonald's playland for the first time. The one by our house is pretty cool, its set up mainly for toddlers and young kids. Dane was the only one that made it into the actual tunnels. He got there by climbing up the slide! Then he couldn't get down. So I had to coax him towards the entrance and climb up and help him down. I don't know why he just didn't go down the slide, but oh well. All in all, they had a great birthday.
Their birthday party was the following weekend. As usual there were a lot of people. They had a few friends over, but none of them were their triplet friends. They recieved so many gifts they didn't know what to do! They almost didn't make it past their first gifts. They wanted to play with those right away. I had to make them open the rest. They got really cool books, games, blocks and some hooked on phonics electronic things. What a great birthday party!
At their 2 year checkup, my mom came with to help with the other two while I took them in one by one. Usually I take all 3 in and never get a chance to explain to the doctor individually who they are. This time, I wanted to do it differently. They enjoyed the little time that we shared one on one. As did their doctor. I was able to explain who each child is and any concerns I had with them. They did have to get one shot each. I did my best to deter their attention away from it and I did with the boys. They flinched but never cried. Ava was the one that cried. And she limped around for a bit afterwards. Drama queen!
Dane: 25.4 lbs.; 33.75 inches tall; unfortunately he had an ear infection, but is in good health
Drake: 25.9 lbs; 34.5 inches tall; he was given a clean bill of health!
Ava: 25.6 lbs; 33.5 inches tall; also given a clean bill of health!

We had been blessed so far this "flu season" with not having any symptoms. Til this past weekend. I don't have any idea where it came from, but man it hit us hard and somewhat quick. The monkeys and I went to my dads Christmas party on saturday and had a great time. On the way home, Drake started choking on his vomit. I didn't know it until Ava says "uh oh Momma". Thats when I turned around and saw that he was covered in vomit. I got to the shoulder of the road as fast as I could (people probably thought I was a nut) and grabbed him out of the seat. He was ok, but shaken up. We got home and they took an almost 3 hour nap! I thought maybe it was just that he had eaten too much junk until Ava started puking in her bed. She was unconsolable (sp?) and threw up about 5 times. It continued into the night and thats when I got it. I was at work though. UGH! I had a stomach all day but I finally got sick about 10pm and it lasted until morning. It lasted only a few days thankfully and we are better now.

I wanted to write more, but nap time is now over!!!