Monday, March 31, 2008


Poor Daddy had to deal with 3 sickies over the weekend. I wasn't much help because I had to work all weekend, but I tried to do whatever I could. Thankfully only Dane was puking. The other 2 just have some runny noses, but still seem to be quite irritable.
Dane hasn't thrown up yet today (knocking on wood)! He still seems out of it, very tired and quite cuddly. All 3 don't seem to want to eat anything. On average, I make 2 grilled cheese sandwhiches for them and they scarf it down, no problems. I'm struggling to get them to eat just one today! And breakfast was 1 waffle, usually 3-4! I myself am not feeling the best, but I can at least take something to help rid myself of the symptoms. And I hate having my kids living off of Ibuprofen, but hey, it always helps them sleep better during these times.

Oh, we got a new ride Saturday!! I'm so excited as is Daddy! A brand-new 2008 Toyota Tundra crewmax. It will seat all 6 of us very comfortably. Plus it will pull our camper without hesitation. I'll have to take pics and put some on here! It sure has some giddy-up to it, I touched the gas and through us back a bit! Very exciting! I'm just glad I was able to keep my camper (sorry I'm spoiled now, no tents!) and get rid of the Expedition. I like it but it was just going down hill.

I'm praying for some healthy babies soon!

Sunday, March 2, 2008


This is definately Colorado for ya...almost 80 degrees outside yesterday...4 inches of snow today!
I love where I'm from!
I only wish it would've waited at least 1 more day to snow. I had to work yesterday so I wasn't able to enjoy the sun. It is kind of nice to have a snow day today, I could use the laziness.
To my last post, I'm feeling much better. I have the next 2 days off and I'm going to enjoy them. I've got to somehow figure out why my license has been suspended, an unpaid speeding ticket perhaps, I don't know. But obviously I can't be driving with a suspended license.
We did have to put our 2nd dog down. All within 6 months we've had to put 2 dogs down. It makes me very sad. I really wish we didn't have to put our "1st born" down, but she just couldn't be trusted with the kids. She was my dog, Burton was Chads. He's still pretty broken up about it, but Burton was not well. Arthritis of the back and stomach issues. I do have to say, it's pretty strange to come home and not be greeted by him. But they're both up in doggy heaven playing together.
Ahh, my kids. I think they must be going through a growing phase right now. They aren't eating a whole lot, they're not sick, and they want to sleep all the time! They're so smart. They just amaze us every day. I can't wait for them start talking, or can I?