Thursday, January 24, 2008

Frustrating nap situation...

Well, at least I was able to sleep until 7 this morning! Drake did wake up and moan around 5:30, but that's when Daddy starts to get up, so he took care of that.
Our normal routine for the day goes something like this:
7am: wake and come downstairs
7:15-7:30: have milk in sippy cups and wait for Mommy to make breakfast
7:30-8: breakfast
9-11am: naptime
11am: wake and come downstairs
11:15-12: milk and lunch
12-1pm: play
1-3(ish): naptime
3pm-5pm: wake and have water or juice and snack
5(ish): milk and dinner
6:30-7pm: bedtime

That's our schedule, give or take a few minutes, every day.
So, what's so different about today? GRRRR! Could it be time to try one nap? This is where it gets frustrating with 3! My trio have always been so good with sleeping in the same room. I do know that Drake seems to require more sleep than the other 2. Ava seems to not need any, but around 4:30-5:30 is her "witching" hour! She becomes a demon child. I've heard that is the hour for most kids, so I'm not too shocked. The other 2 transform at times too, but not as often as her.
So this morning, just like routine, I put them down at 9am. Maybe it was closer to 9:30 because we were slow getting dressed. Only to have to listen to Ava and Dane scream until 10:30. They never have been ones ot calm themselves down, but then again, who could when someone else is screaming with you! I went in to get them and they seems totally fine, happy to have me get them. Almost as if they didn't need that nap today. Ugh! I was not planning on doing one nap until the spring or summer, so I wouldn't be cooped up inside. Maybe I should look into doing a class with them in the mornings then. Hmm, all the possibilities.
As, I'm writing this, Drake, who actually did nap this morning is upstairs crying. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON??? I need Mommy time!! At least I don't hear the other 2!
So if you'll excuse me, I'm going to find out the problem. A poopy diaper? Who knows?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Early risers...

For the second day in a row, we've been getting up at 6am! It's brutal! Thank goodness I haven't worked the past couple of nights, which could mean only 3-5 hours of sleep for mommy!

I honestly don't know why they are waking so early. They go to bed at the same time every night, nothing has changed! Mommy's not used to waving bye to Daddy as he leaves for work! But apparently the kids love it!

I know Dane is getting 4 teeth (!) on top right now, Ava looks like she's getting 2 more on top, but Drake I don't see any. I'm wondering if it's his molars. He's actually the one that wakes up first and wakes everyone else up. I've been told to maybe put him in another room so he doesn't wake the others, but where? There's no extra room. And God forbid he should sleep with us. It's like our bed is a jungle gym and there's absolutely NO sleeping for him then. Sometimes I wish each kid had a manual to help us raise them.

On another note, Chad and I finally had another date night this last Saturday. We went to the Outback and had some great food. It was kind of funny, we sat at the bar (45 min) waiting for a table and sat next to these 2 ladies. Well, I couldn't help but listen in on their conversation, as I'm sure the whole bar could hear them. When they received their meal, it did not come out the way they wanted it to. And I'll tell you, I was giggling to myself, because they talked so loud and were so angry, they had their meal split on 2 plates and on one plate the kitchen put the potatoes and on the other were the string beans. Oh Lord, that made them so angry! But the funniest part was, it's happened to them every time they go there! Now if it happend to me the first time and I didn't like it, I would probably tell them the next time to not do it. It was just funny. For me working in the restaurant business I see these types of people all the time. Their main goal is to complain so much that they eventually get their meal for free. I am so glad I am not that type of person! All in all though, our date night was great! Well needed.

Until next time...
BTW, the picture is of them in their new toy box! They love it!

Friday, January 18, 2008

New Year's Resolution...

So, I decided that my new years resolution was going to be blogging more. I have really only blogged about once a month, and there is SO much going on here that I should really tell people every day. And it's a good way to let our family know how things are going.

I don't seem to mind the question "Who's your favorite?" because they are each a favorite for their very own reason. And I LOVE sharing those reasons with other people. Dane is my favorite because his eyes are so big and blue and the way he looks at me just makes me melt! He also gives the VERY best hugs and cuddles! Drake is my favorite because he looks just like me! The only one that will have my color of eyes too. I love that he is always smiling and he rarely ever closes his mouth! Meaning, his shirts are always soaked! Ava is my favorite, well, she's my only daughter! Plus she likes to mimic me in everything! Her eyes, her smile and the squeals she makes are just wonderful. Ok, so the squeals can be toned down a bit, but they're still cute.
I'm alright when people tell me that they have a favorite, because each one seems to be a favorite of someones. Make sense?
Today, Dane is not a favorite! He has become the bully. And what gets me, he does it all with a straight face. Almost like he doesn't care that he just pushed his sister off the toy he wanted. He laughs about it, unless his siblings fight back and win. Then he cries and tries to come crawl in my lap. I don't allow him to do so. If I see him take a toy or push someone, I make him aware that it's not right and remove him from the situation. It's been tough, and I'm hoping this works. Today I caught him grabbing Drake's shirt and trying to pull him away from the gate. Drake of course just stands there (I'm going to have to work on that too, I guess!).
I'm just hoping that this is just a phase that will soon pass!