Thursday, January 24, 2008

Frustrating nap situation...

Well, at least I was able to sleep until 7 this morning! Drake did wake up and moan around 5:30, but that's when Daddy starts to get up, so he took care of that.
Our normal routine for the day goes something like this:
7am: wake and come downstairs
7:15-7:30: have milk in sippy cups and wait for Mommy to make breakfast
7:30-8: breakfast
9-11am: naptime
11am: wake and come downstairs
11:15-12: milk and lunch
12-1pm: play
1-3(ish): naptime
3pm-5pm: wake and have water or juice and snack
5(ish): milk and dinner
6:30-7pm: bedtime

That's our schedule, give or take a few minutes, every day.
So, what's so different about today? GRRRR! Could it be time to try one nap? This is where it gets frustrating with 3! My trio have always been so good with sleeping in the same room. I do know that Drake seems to require more sleep than the other 2. Ava seems to not need any, but around 4:30-5:30 is her "witching" hour! She becomes a demon child. I've heard that is the hour for most kids, so I'm not too shocked. The other 2 transform at times too, but not as often as her.
So this morning, just like routine, I put them down at 9am. Maybe it was closer to 9:30 because we were slow getting dressed. Only to have to listen to Ava and Dane scream until 10:30. They never have been ones ot calm themselves down, but then again, who could when someone else is screaming with you! I went in to get them and they seems totally fine, happy to have me get them. Almost as if they didn't need that nap today. Ugh! I was not planning on doing one nap until the spring or summer, so I wouldn't be cooped up inside. Maybe I should look into doing a class with them in the mornings then. Hmm, all the possibilities.
As, I'm writing this, Drake, who actually did nap this morning is upstairs crying. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON??? I need Mommy time!! At least I don't hear the other 2!
So if you'll excuse me, I'm going to find out the problem. A poopy diaper? Who knows?

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Triplet Mama said...

Hi! I'm always excited to come upon new triplet blogs. Well, they are new to me I mean. I've only read this one post so far, and the first thing that came to mind was, maybe your kids are ready for more playtime. The more they play and experience the better/faster they crash at nap time. My trio is 18 months old now and that's just my own personal observation from trying to establish routines with them. But you know what too, as soon as we have a really great routine, things change... Take care!