Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Early risers...

For the second day in a row, we've been getting up at 6am! It's brutal! Thank goodness I haven't worked the past couple of nights, which could mean only 3-5 hours of sleep for mommy!

I honestly don't know why they are waking so early. They go to bed at the same time every night, nothing has changed! Mommy's not used to waving bye to Daddy as he leaves for work! But apparently the kids love it!

I know Dane is getting 4 teeth (!) on top right now, Ava looks like she's getting 2 more on top, but Drake I don't see any. I'm wondering if it's his molars. He's actually the one that wakes up first and wakes everyone else up. I've been told to maybe put him in another room so he doesn't wake the others, but where? There's no extra room. And God forbid he should sleep with us. It's like our bed is a jungle gym and there's absolutely NO sleeping for him then. Sometimes I wish each kid had a manual to help us raise them.

On another note, Chad and I finally had another date night this last Saturday. We went to the Outback and had some great food. It was kind of funny, we sat at the bar (45 min) waiting for a table and sat next to these 2 ladies. Well, I couldn't help but listen in on their conversation, as I'm sure the whole bar could hear them. When they received their meal, it did not come out the way they wanted it to. And I'll tell you, I was giggling to myself, because they talked so loud and were so angry, they had their meal split on 2 plates and on one plate the kitchen put the potatoes and on the other were the string beans. Oh Lord, that made them so angry! But the funniest part was, it's happened to them every time they go there! Now if it happend to me the first time and I didn't like it, I would probably tell them the next time to not do it. It was just funny. For me working in the restaurant business I see these types of people all the time. Their main goal is to complain so much that they eventually get their meal for free. I am so glad I am not that type of person! All in all though, our date night was great! Well needed.

Until next time...
BTW, the picture is of them in their new toy box! They love it!

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