Monday, October 15, 2007

The day after...

What a race that was for Chad! The first 8-10 hours were in the 50's, then the weather took a turn for the worse. The clouds rolled over and brought with them, rain, much cooler temps, and some lightning and thunder. But he stuck it out. For his support crew, we froze our little tooshes off!
He did what he wanted to...50 miles by 9pm! He became a little disoriented around 3pm and told himself that he could do 50 by 5pm. I came through with the kids to see him around 1:30 and he seemed in great spirits. He was just not thinking so clearly. But who really could after running for that long.
So in 18 1/2 hours of running, Chad finished 64 miles! I'm amazed and so is he. Sunday was nothing but a rest day. He wasn't feeling so well and slept a lot. He needed to get re-hydrated and eat a lot of calories. Unfortunately he developed a fever. I believe it was due to running in such cold weather. That was the scary part. I went to check on him and he was drenched in sweat. I made him drink some more fluids and change his clothes. It seemed to help.
Today he is feeling great. He says he feels like he drank too much alcohol last night and just has a terrible hang over. His legs and body feel better than he ever expected. Almost just like he ran a 1/2 marathon, not 64 miles.
As for his pacers, Stephen ran with him for his 8th lap, 50-57 mile mark. It was an alright lap, but it was a good thing that Stephen was there with him to help keep Chad's sanity. For his final lap, lap 9, Alfonso ran with him. Fonso said Chad was pretty out of it and even Chad remembers not being too in control of things. He was running on empty.
Every time I say 64 miles, I just can't believe it. Just the whole process that goes with it is scary. I could never have the mind set to do it.
How cheesy is this, but he's my hero!! I'm so proud of him! I love you so much Chad!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

24 hours of Boulder...

So Chad has decided to take his running up a notch and run for 24 hours! Why? Who knows, I will just always support him. He amazes me with all of the running he does now, but to him, it's just not enough. He's done a few marathons and now he wants to run at least 30 miles. His goal for this race is to finish, but of course that's still not good enough for him. He wants to complete at least 50 miles. He believes he can do more, but I told him to shoot for just 50. I know, "just" 50, it's a huge number. I know he can do it! I wish I had that same mindset that he has. He is just so confident and he just clears his mind and runs.
He's got a great strategy that he's been planning for months. He wants to complete most of the race in the first 12 hours and then kind of take it easy. He is planning on doing a 5 to 1 ratio. Meaning run for 5 minutes, walk for one. We've heard it is the best strategy for such a long race. Stephen and his mom are there for his support, I plan on being there once the kids go down for the night. My sister, Crystal and her husband Fonso will be there along with Kain and Emma. Fonso and Stephen are planning on being a pacer, but the race doesn't allow pacers until 10pm tonight. A pacer is someone who runs along side of the runner and gives them support and keeps them at a good pace. If I was in a little better shape and able to run 7 miles, I would have loved to pace him.
Here is a description on the race:
Course Description
This race is run on the beautiful trails at the Boulder Reservoir with great views of the snow covered peaks. The course is a flat 7.14 miles (lap 14 ends at exactly 100 miles) with approximately 100 feet gain per lap with an aid station at approximately 3.5 miles. The course will be marked and is non-technical (so don't worry about those late night hours).

I will keep everyone posted on how he finishes! Oh, just got a picture text from Stephen and Chad seems in great spirits! But it's only the first lap!! :)

Here is the official website of 24 hours of Boulder.


I can't say I'm the "biggest" Rockies fan, but I'm a big fan! This season has amazed everyone here in Colorado! It's been so awesome being able to root them on and watch them go further than they've ever gone. We've got the potential to make it to the World Series! WOW!!! The World Series right here in Colorado!! Who would have ever thought???
I just wanted to share my excitement!! Colorado has great teams, but it's never been our baseball team!
GO ROCKIES!!!! You deserve to go all the way!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Oh boy...10 months!

So they have hit their 10 month mark! And they have hit it hard. Growing like weeds and amazing us every day still. All 3 are standing and letting go of the furniture, Drake and Ava have taken a few steps, but we're working on the balancing part of it. Dane will stand, but is so belly heavy that he just plops forward. Dane and Ava finally have a tooth, maybe even getting their second one already. Poor Drake is working on 4 up top! He seems to take it a lot better than the other 2 though.
I can't believe it but I am starting to plan for their 1st birthday! I'm a nervous wreck! A few other triplet moms were discussing this a few months ago when their trio were turning one and I really didn't think it would hit me. But it has. I just can't get over how much they've grown. And each of their personalities! Oh, I'm just so happy! I never thought I'd be the happy with kids. It has been so much better and easier than I ever anticipated. Granted I do believe that every stage or milestone seems to be a bit more difficult to go through. But looking back, they were so much fun.
There were so many things that never crossed my mind becoming a mother or even raising a family. The whole feeding bit never crossed my mind. Apparently I just believed that they would feed themselves from the get go! Ha, and cooking them meals. I'm not used to making meals, so that has been quite a challenge. I just don't have the knack for a creative meal. My triplet group has helped tremendously with that. It's kind of funny though, meal suggestions are always a topic.
Another thing that I never thought of...teeth. I knew they didn't have them when they were born. And I guess they would just get a full set magically. Well, they do appear magically, but so far only one at a time (Drake gets them 2+). And it has been pretty painful for them.
Illnesses...I thought taking care of a sick man was hard! 3 babies sick at once is awful! I won't lie, I don't handle this situation very well. Who could though? Runny noses, stuffy noses, diarrhea, ear infections, the constant cry, the waking in the nights, fever, just to name a few! My kids were supposed to grow up without any sickness!!
There are so many other things that I didn't realize but I can't remember them. I used to have a pretty darn good memory, but ever since I got pregnant with triplets, ha, that went straight out the window and has yet to return!