Monday, October 15, 2007

The day after...

What a race that was for Chad! The first 8-10 hours were in the 50's, then the weather took a turn for the worse. The clouds rolled over and brought with them, rain, much cooler temps, and some lightning and thunder. But he stuck it out. For his support crew, we froze our little tooshes off!
He did what he wanted to...50 miles by 9pm! He became a little disoriented around 3pm and told himself that he could do 50 by 5pm. I came through with the kids to see him around 1:30 and he seemed in great spirits. He was just not thinking so clearly. But who really could after running for that long.
So in 18 1/2 hours of running, Chad finished 64 miles! I'm amazed and so is he. Sunday was nothing but a rest day. He wasn't feeling so well and slept a lot. He needed to get re-hydrated and eat a lot of calories. Unfortunately he developed a fever. I believe it was due to running in such cold weather. That was the scary part. I went to check on him and he was drenched in sweat. I made him drink some more fluids and change his clothes. It seemed to help.
Today he is feeling great. He says he feels like he drank too much alcohol last night and just has a terrible hang over. His legs and body feel better than he ever expected. Almost just like he ran a 1/2 marathon, not 64 miles.
As for his pacers, Stephen ran with him for his 8th lap, 50-57 mile mark. It was an alright lap, but it was a good thing that Stephen was there with him to help keep Chad's sanity. For his final lap, lap 9, Alfonso ran with him. Fonso said Chad was pretty out of it and even Chad remembers not being too in control of things. He was running on empty.
Every time I say 64 miles, I just can't believe it. Just the whole process that goes with it is scary. I could never have the mind set to do it.
How cheesy is this, but he's my hero!! I'm so proud of him! I love you so much Chad!

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Christie McGovern said...

Holy Moly!!!! I had no idea that Chad ran that far. GO CHAD!!!!