Saturday, November 3, 2007

11 months old...

We took the trio to "Boo at the Zoo" last Saturday and they had an absolute blast. Even with the cold temps, they wore their Halloween costumes, gloves, hats and kept them on the entire day. Unfortunately, I misplaced one of my most prize possessions while at the zoo, and now I believe I lost my camera while there. I'm so very sad, I used it just about every day! I was lucky enough to get pictures of the kids in their costumes prior to the zoo, so I will be able to post some.
For Halloween , we took them to our local King Soopers where they were passing out candy in all of their departments. They loved that. I even had a few people ask to take pictures of them. One woman said she would develop them for us and blow one up! Very cool! Just a bit strange that someone would want pictures of someone elses kids! Chad and Stephen took them out that night around the block in their new little choo-choo wagon. They got a ton of candy! And of course more people gawking at them. I love having beautiful kids! :)
That's it for now, my mom is letting me borrow her camera so that will be nice. Once I get over the loss of my own camera I'll start taking more.
I guess I could give a small update though... Ava seems to be getting the hang of walking! She will walk from the couch to the chair and anywhere else! It's not the best strides, but she seems to love it! Drake and Dane will take steps but they don't seem to think it's that important right now. I bet they'll all be walking by their 1st birthday!

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