Tuesday, December 4, 2007

They're ONE!!!

We still can't believe it!!
I wanted to write a whole bunch of neat things that the trio have done just in the past year but my mind is blank. After the week we had of moving and their birthday party, I just don't feel like thinking. So one of these days I will write a great post and share it with you all.
As for now, it's lunch time and Ava is screaming because she has an empty tray.
I did want to share a short video of pictures that were taken at their party. Last week we rushed to get moved in and everyone at the party just kept telling us "I can't believe you moved in last weekend! It looks like you have lived here for a couple of months!" Thank you! We stressed and stressed and worked very hard to get settled. We still have a good ways to go, but we're in!
As far as the party, I counted 62 people! Yikes! And it was all indoors as the weather was about 30 degrees out. Our kiddos did excellent. All 3 of them were pretty quiet, but they get like that when there are other people around. No meltdowns, they had a great day! They received so many wonderful gifts, too many! They loved the cakes my sister Crystal made, especially Ava which you'll see in the pictures. Drake was a little freaked out by the singing and didn't know what to do with the cake. Dane wanted someone to lift the cake up to his face so he could eat it.
Ava had a little bit of a sugar high, but they all settled down for bed by 7pm. Which by then, Mommy and Daddy were ready as well!
So, we all survived! We didn't see much of Stephen throughout the party, he said there were just too many people and kids here. He stayed in the basement. I really don't blame him!
The trio have their 12 month checkup on the 16th, so I'll try to post after that and tell everyone their heights and weights. Ava finally got a new carseat, bright pink, but she still has to ride backwards for awhile longer. The boys have graduated to riding forwards and they love it! I don't know if they're over 20lbs, but they're a year old now!
That's long enough...

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