Thursday, June 7, 2007

Some funnies from other multiple moms!

*You've ever said to your husband/wife while walking in the mall with your kids, "Just don't make eye contact and keep walking"*The subject of college funds makes you instinctively laugh (and throw up a little bit in your mouth)
*You occasionally lose track of how many scoops you've poured into a bottle
*At one point you've had a bottle in every room of your house
*You've taken approximately 2200 photos in the first 6 months of your babies lives
*Babies are rearranged to dodge drool pools rather change the crib sheet
*Your family blog is over taken with baby photos and stories
*The strollers in your garage occupy the space of an entire car
*You have to make an appointment just to take a shower
*When there is not one room in your house that hasn't been overtaken with baby stuff (three swings, three bouncy seats, three cribs, pack n plays, three bumbos, three exersaucers, three activity mats, ect.)
*You still aren't satisfied with your rehearsed answer about fertility drugs
*You have stock in rechargable batteries and three sets are ALWAYS being charged
*You have a costco/sams membership but no time to actually go
*You color code your babies
*An entire shelf in your pantry has been taken over by cans of formula, jars of baby food, ect.\
*Your means of conception and/or fertility methods are now public information

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