Thursday, April 10, 2008


My older sister (she's preggo with 1 baby) called me yesterday asking about my symptoms of pre-eclampsia and it just brought back so many memories. Memories that I really hadn't thought about.
So I'm remembering...
I had such a wonderful pregnancy. Although the getting "fat" part was a bit tough to get used to. But it was like night and day for that. I went to bed feeling fat and woke up having a small bump! The thought of having three little hearts, 6 tiny hands/feet, and 3 little souls inside of me was the most amazing feeling ever. Ok, besides the day they were born. I was told I had a wonderful aura all around me. Life was so easy with being able to carry them everywhere I went. Now it takes me at least 45 minutes to get everyone ready! I was such a happy pregnant woman.
My sister asked me what my symptoms were and I really had to think about them. I remember getting a headache that lasted a week, right up until I had the kids. I told her I probably could have had the trio a week before, but I waited to go to the doctor until my next appointment. Which was only 3 days away. But they admitted me that night with pre-eclampsia. I even drove down to my appointment by myself, probably should not have as my eye sight was going due to the pre-eclampsia. Oh well, I made it home after I stopped at work and had a cup of soup.
Chad actually drove me down to the hospital with my bags.
We were definetely not ready for that! We really didn't have a plan set at all. Talk about scrambling. I wasn't supposed to have them yet!
But I thank you sister for allowing me to remember things that I had forgotten!

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