Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Mommy vent

I know I started this to share things with everyone about our kiddos, but today, Mommy needs to vent a little.
It's 12:25am Sunday, oh I think the 25th of August? I just got off from a 12 hour work day from hell. To which it is only the 2nd of at least 8 maybe. Yesterday was another 12 hour work day. I've seen my kids, not to mention my hubby, a total of 4 hours this whole weekend. And to top that off, 2 of them were not on good terms! Gotta love that!
I wasn't going to share our argument, but really it was SO stupid! I had planned on taking the kids to church this morning, before I had to leave for work. I was going to leave him at home to do some things he wanted to get done around the house that he was not able to yesterday, because I was gone all day. Then I realized, hey, why not call up my folks (who meet us at church everytime we go) and see if they wouldn't take the monkeys to church and I could go get my toenails done (today would've been the only day I could before my sisters wedding on Friday). That's a whole other paragraph! But as soon as I get on the phone with my Dad, my hubby yells at me for calling them and "pawning" our children off on them! He's the one who said he needed to get a few things done, I thought I was doing something good, and my parent's would NEVER feel like we were "pawning" our kids off on them. UGH! So a stupid fight that should never have happened. Needless to say, my hubby went to church with the kids and my parents! I showed up later because the stupid nail salon wasn't open!
Which brings me to my toes! My sister is getting married this Friday, the 29th. Am I ready, ha! Far from. I am even the Matron of Honor! At least I have my dress and my Ava's. The boys, I decided will not be in the wedding, they are sitting with Daddy. Though I'm not sure how that will go. I'm not sure how the whole thing is going! I'm one for a set agenda and so far I have no agenda for it! Yeah, I'm kinda freakin out! Anyway, I'm hoping to get my toenails done wednesday, thanks to my mom.
I probably should have mentioned why all the craziness right now at work. Someone has allowed all of the Democrats into the state of Colorado and I happen to work right next door to where it is all taking place! I'm thinking Mother Nature wasn't too thrilled today about the whole thing, because she dropped a giant tornado only 22 miles south of Denver! Back to the DNC, CNN bought out our restaurant, Brooklyn's. If anyone is reading this, God Bless You, but take a look at the CNN website and just look at the CNN Grill. That's us, Brooklyn's. I took a few pics of the place yesterday and some today, it's a complete disaster! And we're open for the full swing of things tomorrow. So today was kind of like a "mock trial" of how CNN wants us to run things. They came in and have completely taken over our building. I am no longer a manager but someone who hears complaints from my staff and I have no idea what I'm doing! Gotta love it!
I'm guessing most of this is not making sense to some, but I'm drained. You ask, why am I still up? Good question, well, I am enjoying a nice strong alcoholic drink before I take a nap and my kiddos wake up. I'm hoping that the alcohol can counter-act my nerves and allow me to sleep. I had terrible nightmares about CNN Grill last night and I'm not looking forward to it tonight.
And not to mention, my nerves are completely shot knowing that I have 4 nights of this and then my sisters wedding. Why, why, why?
If you are really still reading this, thank you for listening! I'm hoping I'll still be around to write about how it all actually went! Oh, one cool thing that did happen today, Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper came in for our "mock trial". That was pretty neat. AC is a pretty good looking older guy.

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