Wednesday, October 1, 2008

22 months

Wow, the monkeys are 2 months away from being 2! I'm shocked, not only because time has gone pretty quick, but also that we've made it thus far! I remember being scared to death about how on earth we would ever be able to care for three babies. Never did we think about what it would be like after the first year! So for us to make it almost through 2 years, is quite amazing.
So the monkeys have really been saying more, not exactly real words just yet, but boy are they trying. We'll take every word we can get at this point! Its so cute when they do say something new.
Oh and the hitting, pushing, stealing toys is getting exhausting. One of them is in time-out at least 5 times a day. And that's not including the times I just tell them to stop. At times they seem to really get annoyed with one another, but most of the time they are giggling and playing together.
They have started taking only one nap a day which is ok, but it does put some stress on the evenings as they do get pretty cranky right before dinner. But lately they have been sleeping until 7:15 instead of 6:30. So with less sleep during the day means more sleep at night, I'll take it!
Our house is on the market, meaning we have to keep everything in tip-top shape. That is exhausting. Not saying that our house is ever really dirty, but making sure every toy is picked up sucks! We've had quite a bit of lookers, one maybe, but no takers. I think the economy is not helping with that at all. I'm actually a bit nervous about it!
And here they go fighting, catch up again later...

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Denise Wheeler said...

I will say some prayers for you. It seemed like our house was on the market forever but it finally sold. We had to come down in price but in the end I didn't care. It was soooooo stressful having the house on the market.