Saturday, July 21, 2007

Tough day!

So yesterday was one of those days where I wish I hadn't gotten out of bed. But as I look back, it wasn't as bad as it felt yesterday. It was more stressful than anything else.
The morning started off great, the kids woke up at a good time (6:30am), they ate at 7am and went right back down for a nap around 8am. The dogs woke them up by barking at 9:30, but I let them play in their cribs until 10. I got them all dressed for the day and they played a little until it was time to eat at 11. They ate spinach, which I love giving them healthy foods, but man spinach is like so GREEN! When they spit up, it gets everywhere and is very hard to clean!
The plan for the day was to take Stephen and his friends to the skatepark. By the time I was ready to go, the babies were crying because they were tired and wanted to take a nap. I forgot to mention, I also had Damien. He does a great job, but it's another kid to tack on to my 4! So yesterday I had a full car, 7 kids! I can't complain because they all did great, I was the one that went sour.
So I take Stephen and his 2 friends to the skatepark and Damien, Dane, Drake, Ava and I go to Target. Thankfully my sister Crystal was meeting us there. I still have not ventured out by myself totally yet. We got to Target, and by that time, I was already sweating! The expedition's a/c isn't working. AHHH, that's another added stress. I get the kids loaded up in the "limo" stroller and all is good. Target has a/c. The whole purpose of this trip was to use these coupons I got off the internet, so I go to the baby section and load up the cart with baby food. 44 packs of two. The coupon is for $1 off 2 Gerber foods. It's supposed to be a "great" buy. I get to the checkout stand and only 7 of 22 coupons work. I don't get it, they're all the same coupons! Why can't they just use the 7 that do work. Then the manager came over and said that you can't use copied coupons. WHAT?? They're all the SAME, from the internet! I told the lady to take back all the containers and just give me what I can get. Meanwhile, Ava is having a meltdown and wants to be held! I understand, she's very tired and wants to take a nap. The checkout lady hands me my bill and it doesn't even have the coupons on there. By this time I just wanted to leave. It's already 2:20 and the babies will be eating in 40 minutes, I want to get back to the skatepark, so I can feed them. We make it there and it's at least 95 degrees out. I'm soaked from sweat and so are the babies. Damien at least finds a friend and occupies himself. The babies are in a great mood after they eat and we roll around on a blanket under a tree. Finally some relaxing. Then we have to get back into that hot car and drive home. But we make it home and everyone is fine, the babies go down for a nap and I realize that I haven't eaten since 8am! So I make grilled cheese for everyone and I get to eat.
The day is almost over and I've finally cooled off. Chad makes it home as I am putting the babies to bed. He was supposed to get home earlier, but encountered a flat tire. He hates getting home late, but he loves the weekends when he gets to see the babies bright and early in the morning.
For now, it's saturday morning and I've had a great nights sleep. Today will be in the 90's outside and we have some things we need to do, but at least we'll have all day together!

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