Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another day...

Just another beautiful day in Colorado. Another hot day!
We're really looking forward to fall, when we can actually go outside and hang out for awhile. It's been so hot these past couple of days, but it's August, summer is almost over. With that, we've made it thru our first summer with the babies! And it wasn't that bad! We had some bad days, but they were few and far between. I have found that if they don't get there morning nap, all hell breaks loose throughout the day. It's usually my fault, so I can't blame them, but that's when mom wants to go to work.
At 8 1/2 months old, we have baby proofed the living room. The trio have gotten into everything.
Drake is our master crawler, quick and smooth. He started pulling himself up and standing right at 8 months. He'll reach for my hand or the couch and step towards it. Walking by 10 months, I say! He's also got 2 teeth! I believe he might be getting more too. He's been pretty cranky.
Dane is the intermediate crawler, still learning, but moving nicely. He and Drake have lost height in their cribs due to them standing up in it. Dane has just recently learned how, from watching his bro. Still no teeth yet. He has really come out of his shell as well. He's not so quiet anymore. He loves to crawl through stuff and on top of his siblings. I would classify him as a slight bully. Can I say that?
Ava is still our little princess. Ok, she'll always be our princess. She requires less sleep than the boys. Why I don't know, she's the smallest. I would think she needs more. She loves to hear her own voice. She'll wake up and just sing her little heart out. And of course waking her brothers. When we move she is getting her own room! She's our master army crawler! Boy can she get going with only her arms! And it's so cute, she keeps one leg up while she does it! Someday I'll get a video on here and show everyone. No teeth for her yet either. And she envies her bros when they stand, she really tries to pull herself up (a lot of grunting involved), too cute!
Well, this will have to do. Nap time is over!

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