Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Oh the adventures!

We've had so much fun this week, exploring, playing with new toys and just finding our voices. I'm so excited for each and every day we meet. I know I've said it before, but not every day is a good day. But, the good days far surpass the bad.
Our newest place to explore is the kitchen. I didn't ever let them in it mainly because I was nervous about the hard floors. Well, I decided to allow them in while I am in there and they LOVE it! It's like Christmas! They just crawl around and breathe real heavy with the biggest smiles. I really don't know what the big deal is. Drake looks at one of the other 2 and almost begs them to chase him. This morning it was Ava and she actually chased him around the kitchen table. Dane likes to go under the table and stand or go bang on the sliding glass door at the dogs. It's really just too cute to watch.
They got a couple new toys this past weekend. A shopping cart (which is too tall for them), a tunnel with a small slide, and a push thing that they will learn to walk with. Well, the first time we gave Drake the push thing, he took off! Across the room he went, at 9 months! Then Dane did it. He was a bit more preoccupied with shaking it. Ava, well, she took a bit to get used to it. She tends to dance a little too much. She can do it, but I'm constantly watching out for her.

Watching each of their personalities unfold is so amazing. Dane has turned into an outgoing, smiling all the time, bulldozer. He can and will run over you without any problems. But smile while he's doing it. But he is still needy. Sometimes I can't stand it, but most of the time, I love having him crawl over to me and crawl on me. Love it!
Drake, well, he's turned into mister sensitive. And he's pretty shy these days. It takes a few minutes for him to warm up, and after that, he's himself again. Mr. Happy go Lucky! He's actually turned into a lovey. He too crawls over to me and crawls all over me. Love it!!
Ava, oh, the princess! I should say that will a capital P! She's still the demanding little girl, but she's just so cute! One glance and she'll make you melt! She is pretty needy, which at times can get annoying, but when she crawls over to me and wants me to hold her, I can only accept it. I love it!
Ok, so maybe I'll write more often than this! We'll see, it's hard, obviously!!

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