Monday, January 5, 2009

We have a mina bird!

I'm not sure if that's how you spell it, but we have one! And I believe it won't be long until we have 3!
Ava has started to say just about everything. She picks up on every word we say, so we've really had to watch what we say. Dadda accidentally let the B word slip and wouldn't ya know it, she said it. Of course it's absolutely innocent and so adorable, but I don't exactly want my daughter walking around saying curse words.
Its so much fun now that they are all starting to pick up on words too. We've been working on saying the alphabet. Both Dane and Ava can say the letters when I say it to them. Drake on the other hand really doesn't care. I talked to his doc about it, because it worries me. He really just has zero interest in learning or talking. His attention span is so short. His doc referred me to have him get a hearing test done, though I know he hears me just fine, and a referral just to get evaluated. Which, I wanted a long time ago! But he's the doc and just kept telling me to "wait and see". Don't Mom's know best?
For those of you who remember that we put our house on the market, oh maybe 6 months ago, we've had only a handful of showings since that darn bailout. We had one yesterday who hasn't even put their house on the market! Duh, don't make me clean my house to impress a potential buyer who isn't even the market to buy right now! I think our realtor was a little ticked by that too. The market is just not that easy. At least my hubby and I agreed on a place to move if/when our house sells. But our realtor also told us not to look until we have a solid buyer. Understandably so, I don't want to get my hopes up on a house and be shot down because we have to sell this one. Oh, I hate moving!!!
On that note, I hope everyone has a wonderful 2009! Ours started off great and I'm really looking forward to it. Should be a ton of fun with 2 year olds! I keep dreaming of all the things we'll be doing in the spring and summer! Though we need to get through the winter first. I'm hoping it snows again soon, so the monkeys can finally wear their new snowsuits and boots and we can go sledding!!

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Denise Wheeler said...

Good luck with the house. I had forgotten it was on the market. When the time is right you will get a buyer.
I hope it snows too so you can go sledding. I want to see pictures!!!