Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm going to do it!!

I'm finally going to say no more paci's!!!
Wish me luck! I don't know why I decided to do it today, but I thought, hey why not! I don't want to jinx myself by telling you all on how it went, but here's how the morning nap went or is still going...
I put them in their cribs around 11am this morning and tucked them in, gave them their lovies/babies and slowly walked out of the room. Drake and Ava were so confused and started screaming immediately. My normal routine is to hand them their pacis and tuck them in. So, anything out of the ordinary is just downright ridiculous to them. So I calmly told them that "Momma is washing all the paci's, so you won't get one for naptime." And then walked out of the room.
Dane was asleep almost instantly. I would've figured he'd be fighting right along side of Drake. He must have been ready to give it up. Which I find odd because he really is the main reason we still do paci runs in the middle of the night!
At about 12:30, Drake woke up crying. I thought, great, naptime is over and he hardly got any sleep. He's going to be a nightmare later this evening. I went up and tucked him back in without saying a word. Key thing right there, DON'T say anything to them!
So here it is, 1:30pm and I haven't heard from anyone! I'm beside myself right now! I really don't expect it to be like this tonight though. I bet all 3 cry for awhile.
Now, I just have to train Dadda and I to not give in! I hid the paci's from Dadda, because he would ruin it!
I'll let ya know how tonight goes!

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Denise Wheeler said...

Good luck on your battle of the paci's. I hope it goes just smoothly tonight and every nap/night time in the future.