Thursday, January 8, 2009


Well, lets just say yesterday was a piece of cake compared to today!
They did ok last night. 35 minutes isn't too bad?!?! And they slept amazing! Drake stirred once (that I know of!) and I didn't go in, he fell back asleep on his own. This morning, they woke up a little early, but were in great spirits!
On to today...
I had an eye appointment right about the time that I would start heading them upstairs for a nap. So I'm guessing that had a little to do with them not falling asleep easily. Well, that and my sister's husband came by to watch them (they're having a kid real soon, so he wanted to see if he could handle it, although its totally different with just one). I think they were wound up from having a "friend" over as well.
It is now 1:45pm. I put them down at 11:30! And they have just now asleep! Am I wrong for keeping them in there that long, probably, but I knew they were exhausted. They didn't cry that whole time, oh no, they threw all their lovies, blankets, shirts, pants, onsies oh and yes, their diapers on the floor! It was a big party in there! Thank God I changed both Dane and Ava before they decided to take their diapers off. But I changed both Drake and Ava's sheets twice due to them peeing. Yes twice I went in there and they were naked! UGH!!! Duct tape here we come!!
So I don't know if that whole fiasco would have been any better with paci's or not. But I didn't give in and they still don't have a paci!!
Hopefully Dadda can handle this evening on his own. Momma has to work!

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Denise Wheeler said...

Hang in there! I am sure it will get easier and sounds like there were some unusual circumstanses to foul things up today. I hope dadda was able to stick to his guns tonight and that pacis are a thing of the past real soon.