Monday, January 12, 2009


I have no idea what day this is on our "no paci" trip. I can't say we did it with ease as I was really wanting/hoping/praying it would happen. No its been a nightmare and they've started a new trend. Exhibitionism!!! Word spelling, I don't know, but they LOVE to be naked! Not just any time of the day though, during nap time.
Friday it took them forever to fall asleep and once they did, it was for maybe an hour! Of all the days I really needed a nap and they chose to be monsters! 3 1/2 hours of sleep for Momma means Momma isn't happy and not in a good mood.
It seems to be only during nap time that they decide to become monsters too. Because Dadda says they are perfect and maybe cry for 15 minutes at bedtime! AAAHHHH! He did have them all day Saturday and was able to see them in action for nap time. But he said they fell asleep within 30 minutes and no taking off of the clothes! WHAT?? Is it just me? Do they know how to push my buttons? Well, come to find out, they only slept an hour that day too.
Today was alright. I pretended (I actually did fall asleep though) to take a nap with them. We read a story and I closed the blinds and I laid down. They each slowly laid down after a few minutes of jumping and yelling. I think they were each asleep after 15 minutes. I left their room about 10 minutes after that. But now I am hearing them wake up. Its been 45 minutes!
I don't understand!!! I am definetely not ready for a no nap lifestyle! I love my time and plus I need that time to get ready for work!
A few triplet friends recommended a few books, so looks like I'll be reading every chance I get!


MaryBeth said...

Jessi, I have gotten tons of good info from the no-cry nap solution book, but still, after I don't even remember how many days now, my girls are refusing to nap! Aughhhhhh... I can totally relate!

Good luck to you, perhaps we're both just suffering through a short no nap period as a result of schedule upheaval from the holidays?!?

Denise Wheeler said...

I hope the nap thing works it self out and soon! I couldn't imagine no naps. have been tagged. Stop by my blog to find out the details.