Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I have been tagged by a friend Denise through her blog to participate in a fun "Meme". What you do is go to one of your picture folders, open the 5th folder and then open the 5th picture. Post it on your blog with a brief description and then tag 5 of your friends to do the same.

I had to do a bit of a variation for mine, as the 5th photo wasn't even of my kids! So I didn't want to post someone elses child on my blog.
Here is my 5th folder, 5th picture. Its my MIL Kathie teaching Drake to hold his head up. Its just such an amazing photo to me. We've been so blessed to have 2 of the kids' Grandma's here in town. They've been so wonderful and so very helpful. They love their grandkids and love to spoil them!
Thanks for including me in a game of "flashback!" I love looking back at photos of when the monkeys were little. Makes me want to have more, but I'm perfectly happy with what God has given us!
I'm tagging...
1. Christie at Liam and the Girls
2. Deanna at Burke Triplets
3. Heidi at Thorstad Triplets
Everyone else has already has been tagged! I could only come up with 3! How lame! If you read this and want to participate, just let me know! I'd love to check out your "flashback!"

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Denise Wheeler said...

What a great picture. Thanks for playing. Isn't it amazing how much they have grown in such a short time?