Friday, February 13, 2009

3 against 1

And its not fair! Yes, I may be acting like a 2 year old at this point. But who could blame me? When you're around them all day, you may as well start acting like them!

I believe the "terrible two's" are beginning. Or we deep in them. Not sure which. I am at a loss here with them. If its not the fighting, pushing, hitting, screaming "NO!" or "MINE!" at eachother, that means they're asleep! Oh, if they're getting along, about 1/4 of the time, its gang up on Mommy. Lately, ha, who am I kidding with "lately", during meal times, if they are not hungry it becomes an all out food fight. Seriously! I will ask them "are you done?" "NO!" and pretend to eat just so they get to keep their plates. And they then continue to toss their food. What am I to do? I don't want them to starve, but I guess they are just telling me they're done.

Who knows!?!?

We are really working on using "yes" these days. They can say it, but "no" still comes out as every answer. The tantrums are spreading like wild fires too. The other day, I was trying to get them in the car to go visit auntie and baby and Dane threw himself on the concrete in the garage and screamed "NO!" So I got the other 2 in the truck and started it up and made it look like I was getting ready to leave without him. Sure enough, I saw him peeking around the truck to see where I was. And he came galavanting towards me, climbed right into his seat and behaved himself. But on the way home from Auntie's house, he did the same thing. Not sure what else to try. My sister said she would've watched him if I left, just to maybe put it in his head, Mommy's not faking it! But I was already stressed out.

Well, I never wanted this blog to have negative thoughts on it, but I can't help myself anymore. I'll try to look at the bright side and hopefully cope with the rest of today. I actually have to work, so I'll have a nice break from them this evening.

Oh, we finally got another camera! So here are a few recent pics!

Outside riding our bikes! It was pretty cold, but they don't care!
This is our favorite perch. On the kitchen table looking out the window. Scares me, but I can't stop a monkey from climbing!

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Denise Wheeler said...

Jess, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I have to say, I have been feeling a whole lot like that. I love being with the kids but they are driving me crazy lately. I can't wait to go to work to get a break. Of course, when I am at work I just want to be home with them. Go figure. All I know is it has to get better. I don't know if I really care for this toddler stage. Give me the baby stage and a little older and I am happy.