Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Back on track

Daddy went home to Iowa for his grandfathers funeral last week and things were just out of sorts all weekend. Mommy was not able to get time off and we were not wanting to take the trio out there driving, the weather was horrible!
It was a nice "break" but it was just so weird not having him here. He left on wednesday and was only supposed to be there until Sunday, but due to extreme weather, his flights were rescheduled for Monday morning. Thankfully he had scheduled that day off. I still had to go to work last Thursday and Friday, so that was tough having to find someone to watch these monkeys. Not to mention I was in charge of 4 kids! Strange feeling, I don't think I could master being a single mother.
But we kept ourselves busy. Stephen pretty much spent the weekend with his friends, which was good. Thursday the weather was beautiful here and we made a trip to the park. They loved being able to run free outside. Thank goodness Mommy is fit to run and chase them though!
Friday we met cousin Emma, and Auntie and Uncle at Sweet Tomatoes for lunch. That was fun except they really didn't eat much. Too many distractions and people to look at. Saturday we went to a playdate/lunch at another triplets house. They enjoyed themselves so much. New toys and new kids to play with, although the other trio was a year older. And then on Sunday, we went to brunch with Grammy and Papa. It's so funny the looks on their faces as SO many people came up to us. They've gone places with me before, but when we're eating, we're pretty much sitting ducks or a zoo attraction. They enjoy it though.
A fun eventful weekend, just too bad Daddy wasn't here to enjoy it with us. But thankfully he's back and things can settle down a bit. Back to our usual routine, rarely seeing Daddy!

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