Monday, February 11, 2008

Rough day...

I'm frustrated right now trying to figure out whether Dane is having teething issues or if he's got some other ailment. He's got 4 teeth coming in on top, 2 of which are ready to come out. He's got a history of ear infections, but he's not pulling on his ears. But he's also screaming bloody murder during naps and waking in the nights. I would hate to take him in to the doctors and have them tell me its just teething, but then again would hate myself if I did take him in and he really does have an ear infection. UGH!
Oh and the kids think its funny (hilarious) to wipe their trays completely clean of their food. UGH!!
Drake also thinks its great to stick his finger down his throat and make himself gag.
Oh and I've already changed 6 poopy diapers!! Come on, why today? Is it bad to say that I'll be glad to be going to work later?

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MaryBeth said...

I haven't found one in a store yet, but I'm sure that there is available online an Earcheck Monitor or something like that for determining if there is fluid on a child's ears. My girls are not prone to ear infections so I don't have one, but I've read about them. You might want to try and find one of them.... at least then you could have some idea before making a trip to the doc.