Friday, February 8, 2008

Catching on quickly...

I've noticed that in just the past week or so these guys really starting to catch on. They're starting to pay attention to their surroundings more and wanting to learn more.
Here's what they know:
Dane: he doesn't sign anything although he has full potential to. I've seen him do it before, but I think he's just lazy or knows that after awhile if he still doesn't sign "please" or "milk" we'll eventually give it to him.
Hehe, this might sound crazy and sorry to interrupt myself, but one of the kids' toys just made a noise and scared the crap out of me! Phew, I'm better now. I'll get back to what I was doing. Really, I'm not crazy.
Drake: he can sign "milk", "please", and "thank you" which also could be him blowing kisses. He seems eager to learn new things. And he picked up on these fairly quickly.
Ava: she is signing "milk" and "please". She too picked up on these quickly. It's pretty cute too when I sign a new word to them, she looks at each of them to see if they are signing it. Not sure if that means she can do it and won't unless they do it, or she's just making sure they are watching.
The signs we are trying to learn now are:
-thank you
-all done

I have also been trying to teach them of their different body parts, eyes, ears, nose, mouth & belly. So far we all know where our bellies are and where their ears are. They love Mommy's nose. They give eachother hugs and kisses, but don't usually give us kisses when asked.
I've also started having them put their toys in their toy box and within one day, they started doing it. I was so shocked. And it's so cute watching them go around and pick up toys and put them in the box. They tend to put anything that's on the floor in there though. But they love it!
I'm having a great time with them and I just can't wait to see what they'll do next. They amaze me each and every day!

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