Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sibling rivalry...

Is it too early for them to be having sibling rivalry?
Maybe it was just today, but Dane and Ava were at eachothers throats. If it wasn't Ava stealing Dane's toy, it was Dane pushing her off of another toy. They just could not share. Is this just the beginning? The 2 that look the most alike and they are going to fight constantly. AAAHHHH!!! Drake just kind of lets Dane do his thing. Every once in awhile he'll fight back. Drake and Ava don't seem to mind one another. I wonder if it's because they seem to be the most independant. Oh who knows. I just don't want to have to keep breaking up fights. I'll tell you though, I have sat here and watched a few, Ava is one tough girl. She holds her ground, but then again, so does Dane! I haven't witnessed any biting, which because I said that, they'll start, and I haven't really seen any hitting. It's all been mostly pushing or putting their heads on the other and pushing.
Still, life with triplets...Priceless!!

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